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Pupil Premium

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Pupil Premium Grant

The information for 2015-16 below is using data from January 2015 census

Number of pupils eligible for a Pupil Premium Grant over the last 6 years (Ever 6), including Special Guardianship Orders : 46

Funds received = £68,977


 The Pupil Premium was spent on:

  • Implementing the ‘Achievement for all Programme’
  • Assertive mentoring meetings each term
  • The Assertive Mentoring Programme
  • Easter school programmes targeting identified pupils
  • Year 6 teacher 1:1 meetings with parent and pupil
  • 1:1 support for targeted Year 6 group, delivered in the afternoons by KS2 booster teacher
  • Retention of additional support staff targeting children who are two years behind their chronological reading age and delivering Early Birds reading programme. Early Birds children are provided with a free breakfast
  • Attendance and Behaviour incentives e.g. board games, vouchers, iPod, postcards, stationery, certificates  
  • CHOICES programme targeting Think Family children
  • Additional Learning Mentor time to support families
  • Learning Mentor worked with children with multiple barriers to learning
  • 1:1 work with Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistants
  • Developing the use of IRIS as a coaching tool to improve teaching and learning
  • Develop peer coaching programme
  • Subsidised curriculum enhancement days


School data identified 46 children eligible for pupil premium.

  1. 18 children (39%) are on the Learning Mentor Register. A great deal of Learning Mentor time is spent working with the families of these children
  1. 17 children in KS2 (53%) accessed one or more of the intervention strategies
  2. 5 children in Year 6  had targeted support from the booster teacher for English and Maths and received 1:1 tuition in the afternoon
  3. 6 children in Year 6 attended the Easter School
  4. 7 children accessed the Choices Programme
  5. 8 children attended the Early Birds Reading Programme


Out of 43 Pupil Premium Children in Years 1-6

35 children (81%) achieved 5 or more steps in Reading  

37 children (86%) achieved 5 steps or more in Writing

38 children (88%) achieved 5 steps or more in maths


For further information regarding Pupil Premium Grants, click on the blue link Pupil Premium.

Funds spent £65,481         Funds remaining £3496